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Easy and Time Saving Cleaning Hacks: Part 2


Do you use makeup brushes? Have a pet? A ceiling fan? Computer? Lamps? A mattress you’ve never cleaned? All are a bore to tackle, until now! Here are GAME CHANGING CLEANING TRICKS THAT WORK 🎉

Keeping my house clean isn’t easy, but my secret weapons? My dish gloves. I simply wipe across my couch that I thought was clean. It grabbed all of Tippy’s hair- don’t worry girl, I got ya covered!


When it comes to cleaning any glass surface, save your paper towels and grab a coffee filter. You are going to be shocked at how well these work. The best part is that they don’t leave lint behind.

Moving on to those makeup brushes. We are going to shampoo and condition these guys, just like your washing your hair. It’s the same theory here. Using my handy makeup brush cleaning mat, lather the brush up, condition, and rinse with water.

Now, go grab your lint roller. This guy is fantastic for items that are delicate and hard to dust. I love using these guys on things like lamps and stuffed animals.

Deep cleaning your mattress might seem super daunting, but it’s really easy. Cover your mattress with baking soda. Let it sit all day to soak up those pesky dust mites, then vacuum it up.

Finally, to clean your ceiling fan, grab a pillow case and slide them over. The dust will stay inside and won’t fall to the ground!

Happy cleaning! Stick around for more helpful hacks.


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