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Easy Low Carb Snack Hacks

low carb snacks


Do you get hungry when you’re at the grocery store or just out running errands but don’t have time to run home and grab something? It happens to me all the time! To keep me from grabbing something I’ll regret, here are some of my favorite EASY LOW CARB SWITCHES 🔄💞


Costco Low Carb Snack Swaps

The Costco chicken bake has a whopping 76g of carbs. A great alternative? Try the hotdog with NO bun (skip the ketchup, add the mustard) for a snack with only around 2g of carbs.


Trader Joes Low Carb Snack Swaps

Did you know Cliff Bars have 40g of carbs?😱 On the other hand, Barbells Salty Peanut Bars only have 15 net carbs….and better yet, Think! Keto only has 11!  If you’re more of a jerky fan, half a bag of the TJs brand is 26g of carbs versus the Chomp Sticks which have none!


Starbucks Low Carb Drink Swap

This is the BEST low carb latte hack out there! I order a large cup of ice with 2 shots of espresso, then I add my own low carb, high protein shake to the cup. The regular way Starbucks makes it has 49 net carbs! Adding your own shake will make it so it only has 5 carbs (and my shakes have 20g of protein!)


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Would you rather have a latte or a something to eat when you hit that afternoon slump? Comment and LMK! 🤗


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