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Helpful Travel Hacks: Hotel Edition


Have you ever looked at the laundry slip at a hotel? The prices are outrageous! But what can you do if you’re stuck and need a few pieces washed before you get home? Here’s the answer! Along with hacks for dealing with bed bugs, peep holes and making sure your hotel door is really secure 🤗

Tip 1: Avoid Hotel Laundry. The prices for doing laundry at hotels are crazy! 5 bucks for one pair of underwear isn’t going to fly. My portable washing bag is the answer. You aren’t going to believe what this guy can do! Inside, there are tiny scrubbers that do the washing for you. Just load your clothes inside, and add a little laundry sheet. It starts working as soon as you add in the water. It’s small enough to use anywhere, and boy is it effective.

I found this compact clothing line, and it is a home run! It suction cups to your shower to make drying your clothes easy as can be.

Are you scared of those hotel bed bugs? Me too sister, but I found this spray that solves the problem. It’s easy to use, plus its carry-on approved!

For extra privacy and peace of mind, a bandaid is all you need. Simply place it over the peephole.


I also found this portable door lock for extra security. There’s a little bit of a learning curve here, but once you get it on, it works like a charm.

I hope this makes your hotel stay just a little bit easier! Comment and LMK your favorite tip.


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