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3 Handy Bathroom Hacks You Need to Know

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Have you noticed how expensive razors are? It’s crazy! Luckily, there’s a way to make them last longer! You can also end soap dish scum and shower rings! I love these 3 GENIUS BATHROOM HACKS and can’t wait for you to try them 🤩


LORAfied Shower Hacks Razor hack

Tip #1:

A little container of rice will keep your razor from rusting!


Tip #2:

Tired of that slimy soap? Grab a couple rubber bands to put around your soap dish!


Tip #3:

Use clear nail polish on the bottom of your shaving cream to keep it from rusting. problem solved!


Do you prefer bar soap or liquid? Or maybe both for different reasons? Comment and LMK! I use both for different reasons 🤗


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