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Trader Joe’s Low Carb Frozen Dinners

low carb

Do you have a frozen meal in your freezer? I have a lot! They’re great for those nights when you’re short on time and honestly, a BIG MONEY SAVER! But have you ever checked the carb count on those things? Even the “healthy” ones can be shockingly high in carbs 😳 Here’s what I grab at Trader Joe’s and what I skip 😉


First up, the Indian food.

Skip: Thai Green Curry… it has 59 g of carbs!

Skip: Veggie Curry with Rice… it was 75 g of carbs!

low carb

We can do better. Instead grab these:

Buy: Paneer… it only has 5 g of carbs!

Buy: Eggplant Curry… it comes in at 7 g of carbs!


When it comes to fried rice, here’s what to put down.

Skip: Veggie Fried Rice… We are talking 42 g of carbs!

low carb

Instead, let’s grab this guy:

Buy: Cauliflower Fried Rice… with only 5 g of carbs!


This delicious meal was a shocker.

Skip: The Orange Chicken Bowl… it has 78 g of carbs! Yikes!

low carb

Here’s my alternative:

Buy: Shiitake Mushroom Chicken… with only 7 g of carbs.



And lastly, if you’re trying to avoid meat, here’s what to grab and skip for your vegetarian meal.

Skip: Veggie Burger… 1 patty is 18 carbs!

low carb

I found a great alternative.

Buy: Meatless Breakfast Sausages… these guys are only 2 carbs a piece!

Note: you can eat this ENTIRE bag and still consume less carbs than one of those patties 🤗


Hope this makes your life and health journey just a little bit easier! What’s the one frozen food you always have on hand? Comment and LMK! Mine is frozen riced cauliflower 🤗


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