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Cleaning Hack: How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Great

Bathroom Hacks - lorafiedLooking for an EASY + AFFORDABLE way to make your bathroom smell better? Look no further! I’m sharing a tip you’ll wish you knew sooner!


LORAfied Bathroom Hacks 🧻🚽

Grab your essential oil. Add a few drops to some rice in a jar and them stick that behind your toilet.

Next, add a few drops onto cotton balls and toss them in the trash.

Then the toilet paper roll, the tank, and your brush are also great spots!

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One thought on “Cleaning Hack: How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Great

  1. What great ideas! I am definitely going to try this. Do you always use lavender or are there other scents you suggest?

    PS Has anyone ever asked about the jar of rice in your bathroom?