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Book Review Time: The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution

I’m a huge fan of nutrition books, whether I end up agreeing/liking the advice o not, I just love knowing what’s out there. The latest one I’ve picked up is The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution by @sherzaimd It’s part guide, part cookbook, with the goal being suggested in the title: better brain health. All the recipes are vegan, which is a tough sell for me, but I do love the idea of having more easy plant based recipes on my shelf and they have some good ones. The desserts don’t contain any regular table sugar, which is a home-run on its own and I’m anxious to try making the Fermented Cashew Cheese With Herbs. They have some great advice, like eating homemade meals and more greens, but overall, it’s too carb heavy for me. Bottom line: I’m a fan of the book as a vegan cookbook, which by default makes it dairy free – a big plus, but will be altering and substituting in their recipes which call for wheat or soy.

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