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Boost your brain with this simple trick!







Boost your brain health today with this simple trick: Practice writing with your non-dominate hand. For me, that means flipping the pen to the left. Even by doing small things with your opposite hand, you can help create new connections in your brain. @kwilleumier explains the benefits to @mindbodygreen -“when you start writing with your nondominant hand, you will start drinking with your nondominant hand, you’ll start brushing your teeth with your nondominant hand,”…”New learning is about stepping outside of your comfort zone. We like to call it stretching your neurons.” Keep in mind, you’re just writing for fun, for an activity, this shouldn’t be stressful. I love writing in my lettering book from @handlettereddesign it’s also very therapeutic, no matter which hand I’m using. ✍️@tombowusa

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