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Clothing Cocktail Laundry Hack

laundry hack

It’s cocktail time for your laundry! Raise your hand if you’re tired of battling sweaty summer clothes 🙋‍♀️ With a teenage boy in the house, I need all the help I can get this summer! Here’s an EASY, AFFORDABLE & QUICK laundry hack to disinfect your clothes without any lingering smells and no harsh chemicals 🤗

Add a cup of vodka to your stinky clothes and wash like normal. Vodka is great at disinfecting things and unlike vinegar, it isn’t going to leave any lingering odors.


NOTE: make sure to use plain vodka, not the flavored kind. I buy the cheapest I can find at Costco and it works great!


This laundry hack may be simple but it’s a game changer in our house!


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