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My Dreamy Barbie Cake Hack

Barbie cake

Here’s a fun and easy Barbie cake hack! Do you remember seeing the Barbie dress cakes in the grocery store bakery as a child? This is my homemade version. Although it looks daunting, this dreamy Barbie cake is SO SIMPLE and it’s STUNNING! The hardest part is being willing to cut a piece 🤗


LORAfied Barbie Cake Hack 🎂
1-2 box cake mixes of choice
1 metal or glass 5 quart bowl
1 Barbie

My secret is this metal bowl. This is going to be Barbie’s dress! Treat this bowl like a cake pan- oil it, flour it, then grab some cake mix. Simply follow the instructions on the box and pour it into your prepared bowl. I used 2 boxes, but you can use one for a smaller cake if using a smaller bowl. Finally, adjust your oven racks and bake. Let the cake cool completely before removing from the pan.


Bake times:

1 cake mix: bake 50-60 minutes
2 cake mixes: bake 1 hour & 20 minutes or so (start checking at the 1 hour mark, as ovens vary greatly)

Now, time for the Barbie hack. Remove Barbie’s legs and insert in the middle of the cake. Starting at the top of the cake, I am going to pipe my little rosettes. They are just circles I fill in, but they end up looking like fancy roses! I even added pearls in the center of the rosettes for a little extra glam.


I have to admit… it was hard cutting into this one! Stick around for more cake hacks.


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