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Costco vs Trader Joe’s: War of the Roses ❤️🌹


Would you rather spend money on flowers or chocolates? 💐💝 Honestly, both are way up this year, making Valentine’s Day more expensive than ever! The average cost of 1 dozen roses delivered nationwide is over $80. 😳 Luckily, there is a way to save big wherever you are if you’re willing to pick them up or order online. Here’s where you’ll find the best looking roses and where you’ll find the best price 🥰

For this challenge, I stopped by three popular grocery stores and arranged them all the same way. I stopped at Trader Joe’s, ran to Safeway, and also stopped at Costco. I picked up 24 roses at each location.

Here’s the price breakdown for 24 roses:

Costco: $19

Trader Joe’s: $20

Safeway: $30

When you see ’em together, there’s a HUGE difference. Trader Joe’s gets my rating for “good” because of the short stems and affordable price. Super tight buds and best price makes Costco a better choice. Best in show goes to Safeway, which is also Scooter’s choice!

I found an amazing deal at Costco that Scoot might want to try out. This deal is online only, but you get 50 roses for just $65 and they deliver!

Notes: If you’re not a Costco member, there is a 5% price increase, making them around $68.25 instead of $65. still a huge deal! Make sure to place your order by Feb. 12 for delivery by Valentine’s Day 💕


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