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Easy 2 Ingredient Cupcake Hack

LORAfied Cupcake Hack Betty Crocker Cake Mix

Have you noticed the sneaky change Betty Crocker basically made overnight without warning? If you plan on using a cake mix this holiday season, you need to know the MIX has SHRUNK and is very different 😳 When I picked up a box of their Super Moist Butter Recipe Yellow cake mix I was shocked to see they left the directions exactly the same despite reducing the amount of batter! Including identical amounts of water, eggs and butter…WHAT IN THE WORLD?! As you might imagine, the price is the same! And get this, the cupcakes with their new, smaller mix crumble when you try to break a piece off or eat them 😕 HERE’S HOW I FIXED the NEW MIX to make them MOIST and get us 24 CUPCAKES again! 🥳



Betty Crocker Cake Mix Hack:

-1 Box Betty Crocker 13.25 oz (make as directed)

-1 extra egg 1/2 package Vanilla pudding mix

-Bake 325F for 14 mins or so


Note: Some of their other flavors are calling for different amounts of water, but that’s basically it. I’d still recommend the extra egg and pudding for all of the their 13.25 oz. mixes.


Have you noticed the shrinkage? Comment and LMK! It caught my attention when I went to make 24 cupcakes, like I have for years, but the batter wasn’t filling the pans 🫣 I hope you liked this cupcake hack!


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