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Easy and Affordable Trader Joe’s No Bake Dessert Hacks


Do you have the time or energy to bake? And have you noticed how expensive the ingredients have become? Here’s the answer! 3 QUICK + EASY + AFFORDABLE DESSERTS that you don’t need to turn your oven on for, all from Trader Joe’s! NO BAKING SKILLS REQUIRED 🥳


First stop is Trader Joe’s! We are going to grab their cupcakes, the mini sheet cake (I gabbed their new lemon one, but you can use any flavor you prefer), and their cheesecake. The key to any of these desserts? Remove the evidence😉


I started off with the sheet cake and of course, removed the packaging. To make it look even more homemade, I re-frosted this guy by running my knife across the icing.  Little imperfections will trick your guests into thinking you made this guy yourself.

Now, grab your cookie cutters. I found these cute spring shaped ones. Press these guys into your sheet cake to make petite fours. I decorated mine using sprinkles, but you can use anything you like!

Next up, I’m sharing the easiest cupcake transformation hack. If you can use scissors, you can make these adorable marshmallow flowers. Simply cut through the marshmallow to make slits that act as the petals and gently pull them apart. When you add a candy to the middle of the marshmallow flower, it looks like spring.

I saved the best for last! Wait until you see how easy it is to transform this store-bought cheesecake into a fancy dessert. We are going to dress it up using strawberries and strawberry preserves/jelly.  Of course, start by removing the packaging. Next, grab the strawberries. Here’s one of my favorite hacks: to remove the strawberry stem, simply slide a straw right through. How easy is that?! I lined my entire cheesecake with sliced strawberries.

Here’s where it gets fancy… we are going to make our own strawberry glaze! To make the strawberry glaze, mix 1/2 of your preserves/jelly with 1 Tablespoon of water 🍓❤️ After popping it  in the microwave for about 20 seconds, use a spoon to glaze the strawberries on top.



All three of these dessert hacks are quick and affordable. Your guests are sure to love ’em!


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