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Home-Ec Hacks: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee - LORAfiedIs there way to make a cup of coffee from the machine taste better? With this coffee hack, there is! Today I’m sharing the secret to brewing the perfect pot of coffee!

How To Make Coffee Taste Better ☕️

First, grab your filters! They can trap the oils that are harmful for you which also make your coffee taste bad. If possible, use filtered water. The coffee-to-water ratio is usually the number 1 problem….see below for a guide!

For stronger coffee: 2 tablespoons per cup

For lighter coffee: 1 tablespoon per cup

This makes you not overlook the quality of your coffee. Splurge on your grains when possible.

*Bonus Hack Alert!*

If your coffee is still bitter after all of that, just add a pinch of salt. It’ll cut the bitterness and give it more a rounded flavor!

How to make the perfect cup of coffee - LORAfied

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