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Non-Toxic Kitchen Hack: How to Stop Ants

How to Stop Ants - LORAfiedHere are a few of the easiest, non-toxic ways to stop ants from roaming around your kitchen pantry and counters!

LORAfied Kitchen Hacks: Stop Ants

Tip #1: In your pantry, use airtight containers. Click HERE to shop the ones I have!

Tip #2: Store your fruit in the fridge and run your disposal every day.

Tip #3: grab bay leaves and stick them wherever you see ants! Just make sure you hide them from your pets.

Tip #4: If you can find they entry point, my secret weapon is good old baking soda. Sprinkle where they’re coming in!

Tip #5: They also can’t stand vinegar so whip up a solution of half vinegar, half water and spray where you see them.

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