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Home-Ec Hacks: The Best Way to Boil Eggs

Boil Eggs - Home Ec HacksHow do you boil eggs? Are they ever overcooked or undercooked? And what’s the best way to peel them? This home ec hack will help!

Grab a pot with the lid. Put your eggs in first, then the water, filling about an inch above. 

Now, cook on high until it boils like this. Cover and remove from heat. 

10 minutes later, drop them into an ice bath. It will shock the shells, making them easier to peel. Extra tip: drop into a glass, cover the top and shake! The peel comes right up.

Quick Tips:
8 mins = softer yolk
10 mins = firm, but still tender (most preferred)
12 mins = more firm

Note: fresh eggs can be harder to peel, so make sure you put those in an ice bath for easier peeling.

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