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I Tried a 24 Karat Gold Cappuccino in the City of Gold

Gold Cappuccino

Dubai: like Vegas had a baby with Hawaii who was raised on solid gold lattes!

Gold Cappuccino

Known as the City of Gold, it makes sense you’d find a 24 karat cappuccino here. Burj Al Arab is the iconic hotel best known for its boat like shape, is home to this liquid gold delight. There’s so much sparkle on this baby, it makes you want to grab a spoon and start skimming it off the top! We had ours with oat milk, because they said the almond milk just isn’t strong enough to prop up the gilded foam. So, what does drinking a cup of this metallic element taste like? Surprisingly it doesn’t really have a taste, but it sure is fun finding the flecks stuck to your teeth and lips. The ornate cup, saucer and tray also add a nice Midas touch.


Continuing our gold tour, we stopped by the Gold Souk (Arab market) where we were blown away by massive row of stores dripping with gold. Some were simple, while others were pieces of wearable art.

Gold Tour

Uncle Fluffy Cake, located in The Dubai Mall, is the Japanese cheesecake that has taken the Middle East by storm! Kid number 2 has been talking about this FOREVER, so we made the special trip to a mall to have it. It’s a tiny shop that’s hard to find, which is a testament to the power of social media, which has put this place on the map! Good news, the store manager said they are looking to expand to the US as soon as next year.

And the final stop of our “gold tour”… dinner at Al Nafoorah Dubai Restaurant – a constant on the top restaurants of Dubai. The standout: their simple hummus and pita bread. I’d describe the consistency as lighter than cream cheese, yet more dense the whipped cream. My family agreed that it’s unlike any we’ve ever had before.

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