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Pumpkin seeds may be the Fall treat full of great tricks

Pumpkin seeds are more just another healthy snack, they may also be the key to calming nerves this holiday season.

Ever feel like your anxiety is running a little high? One way to help balance things out is through food, focusing on superstar stress fighters. A standout, is seasonal favorite pumpkin seeds. Clinical psychologist and nutritionist @drnicolebeurkens explains to @mindbodygreen why there’s no trick to this treat:

“We’ve got zinc, we’ve got magnesium, we’ve got good amounts of iron….They’re a real powerhouse in terms of brain function”

Beurkens says foods with omega 3’s, like pumpkin seeds, help keep us level headed during the hectic holidays.

Whether you roast them from your freshly carved pumpkin or buy them already made, you can easily sneak these little guys into your diet: add to smoothes, on top of salads, in your soup, granola or just eat straight out of the bag.

DM me and let me know how you like to eat them!

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