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Think yourself younger! Yes, it’s a thing!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel a little younger? Add an extra spring to your step, sharpen your mind a bit? Well, there’s some new evidence out there suggesting we may be able to actual think ourselves younger!

We’ve known for a long time what we say to ourselves can affect our our psyche, even if we’re kidding, but having the ability to become more youthful through our thoughts? That’s ground shifting!

I’m not talking about a Benjamin Buttons transformation like super cute Brad Pitt underwent in that movie, however, shaving off a couple years might be possible. But how? It’s way more simple than I had imagined, according to researchers the answer: just start thinking you’re younger! @mindbodygreen explains:

“According to a study measuring 68 healthy adults between 59 and 84 years old, those who “felt younger” actually had the structural characteristics of a younger brain—they were more likely to score higher on a memory test, and they had more gray matter in their brain, which is associated with better cognitive function.”

“ …if you truly convince yourself that you’re younger, your body may actually start to play along.”

Now, I’m not suggesting we all hop on a skateboard, but studies show a morning mantra can help. Longevity expert @SergeyYoung200 (yes, his last name is YOUNG, so fitting) shares his:

“I’m going to live for 200 years in a 25-year-old body and mind,” he says. “This is what I repeat every morning.”

I’m inspired, how about you? I’m giving Young’s mantra a try, let me know yours!

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