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Grocery Store Hacks: How to Save Big at Any Store

If you’re trying to save on groceries and want to know some of my secrets, then this post is for you! Today I’m sharing my best grocery hacks that might sounds crazy but can save you money!


LORAfied Grocery Hacks


Tip #1: 

When you first get to the store, do a loop all the way around. Items on the edges are usually cheaper than the ones down the middle aisles.



Tip #2:

Look up or down to save 20 to 40%! That’s because the most expensive products are going to be in your line of sight.



Tip #3:

Instead of fresh seafood, there’s about a 40% difference if you just buy the frozen.


Tip #4:

Most stores offer their best deals on Wednesday and they’re usually still honoring coupons from the week before.


Tip #5:

Buy fruit and veggies whole. For example, a cup of pineapple is $7 more!


Tip #6:

Did you know stories actually fluctuate their pricing throughout the day? If possible, you want to go mid afternoon before everyone gets off work.


Tip #7:

Studies show using self checkout can also help because you’re more likely to stick to your list and buy less!

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