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Toilet Paper Money Savers

toilet paper

Do you have a favorite toilet paper? Here’s where to grab your favorite 🧻 brand AT A DEAL…and don’t forget to download coupons in the store apps, they matter when it comes to TP, except at one store 😉

Our first stop: Walgreens. Grab your cottonelle coupons! This is the best place to buy this brand. Next up is Target! Here, your best bet is Scott and Charmin. Boy, do they have a lot stocked! For additional savings, check out the Target app. CVS is also a great spot for Charmin.

Coupons are great for saving, but if they aren’t your thing, check out Costco. The Kirkland brand at Costco is your best bet. For Quilted Northern, hop on to Amazon (here) and click that save & subscribe button.


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