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Travel Hack to Stay Healthy and Feel Great During and After Any Flight

Travel hack - lorafied

Do you worry about catching a cold or worse on a plane? Here’s a travel hack I’ve been doing for years! I fly a lot and do this every time I step on a flight. I’m not a doctor, but I’m a wife & mom who’s traveled the world testing this on flights from 1 hour to 16 with amazing results! And yes, some folks stare, it’s a small price to pay to avoid getting sick! ✈️😷

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  1. First, use Colloidal Silver Spray to disinfect all around your chair.
  2. Then, use this MycoShield Spray (I do 4 sprays in the mouth.)
  3. Grab a bottle of Ravensara Essential Oil, and put some under your nose to reduce risk of infection.
  4. Finally, HYDRATE! Grab the largest bottle of water you can find and add these Airborne Vitamin C Tablets to boost immunity!

Note: On longer flights I repeat this every 5 hours. 

See me in action here!


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