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Valentine’s Day Craft: Create a Love Shack

Valentine's Day Craft

Have you seen the price of roses this year? They’re through the roof! Here’s a fun craft to spread Valentine’s Day love for a steal, using recycled holiday decor!

Grab a clearance gingerbread house and your leftover pink and red candies for this craft, we’re making a Valentine Love Shack.

Any assortment of Valentine’s Day candy you have will do! Grab the candy hearts, the pink and white mini chocolate balls, M&Ms… and grab the whole family while you’re at it!

Using Organic White Frosting & All-natural Red Food Coloring, stir up some pink frosting.

Get as creative as you’d like here! I like to use a Piping Tool for ease.

Valentine's Day Craft

Voila! We have ourselves a beautiful, festive Love Shack.

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