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Helpful Home Hacks As Seen On The Sherri Show

I’m THRILLED to share my home hacks segment on The Sherri Show this week! This was such an exciting day for me, and I’m glad I could showcase some of my favorite hacks and meet the one and only Sherri Shepherd!🤗 You can check it out here, or scroll down to see each one!



First up, a game-changing bracelet hack! Putting a bracelet on yourself can be super frustrating, and feel impossible. the easy fix? Grab a hair pin, thread it through the hook and hold onto the pin with one hand while you clasp it together with the other hand. The hair pin provides the extension you need and does the trick!


Up next, the easiest hack for your rusty iron! Perfect for spring cleaning season. All you need is toothpaste, a toothbrush and a towel. Start brushing the iron with the toothpaste like you’re brushing your teeth. At first, it might seem like it’s not working and then all of a sudden, the rust is going to come right off! To finish off the hack, wipe the iron down with a towel. The last step is to add water to your iron and steam it to get rid of the excess toothpaste in the holes. My favorite thing about this hack is that it’s toxic free!


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Paper towels are so easy to waste! What we are going to do is cut your paper towel roll in half, straight down the middle with a knife just like you are cutting bread. Half the roll makes us use half the amount! My family used to hate this hack and now we all love it.


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This next hack is a super easy way to get an odors or excess smells out of your shirts. Too much perfume or even sweat? This does the trick! Start out by picking any cheap vodka, but make sure it’s vodka sister! Other alcohols like gin will stain your shirt. Add some vodka and water to your spray bottle and spray onto your shirt as needed. Let it dry and repeat if necessary.

NOTE: This does work on wool and silk, but if you are using any of these fabrics, DON’T add water to the vodka mix


Incase you missed it, I also shared my VIRAL packing hack! This is my favorite hack that makes packing SO much easier. You’ll need a collapsible closet organizer and you’re going to use each compartment to pack an outfit. When you take it out of your suitcase, hang it right up and you’ll have everything ready for your trip! Check it out HERE!


home hacks

Do you struggle with folding fitted sheets? This hassle-free hack helps you get the best fold! On your bed or kitchen table, take your fitted sheet and put it elastic side up. Simply fold it in half and keep folding just like you would a regular sheet. How easy is that?!


Which one of these hacks is your favorite? Comment and LMK!


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