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Home-Ec Hacks: How Much Laundry Soap Do You Really Need?

Laundry Soap - Home Ec Hacks - LORAfiedHow much laundry soap do you really need to get your clothes clean? Chances are, it’s a lot less than you think. Whether you use standard detergent, HE or pods, here’s the amount that gets the job done!

When using standard detergent, forget that line that’s already on the cap. Two tablespoons should be enough to do a regular load – measure it once and mark it with a sharpie!

HE laundry soap is even less – only two teaspoons per average cycle.

And unless it’s an extra large load, only one pod will do it! Remember, they never go in the dispenser, always in the machine. Not sure which temperature? Warm is your best bet.

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