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Home-Ec Hacks: How to Make Your Bed Heavenly

How to Make Your Bed Heavenly - LORAFIEDHow do you make your bed? In this home-ec hack, I’m going to break down all the steps and show you how you can make your bed heavenly☁️

LORAfied Life Hack: How to Make Your Bed

Always start with a mattress pad and next, your fitted sheet. If yours has a tag, stick it in the lower right corner. The good side of your flat sheet goes face down. At the corner, simply pull, chop, and tuck. If you’re using an extra layer, add it now and make sure it lines up with that flat sheet.

For the duvet, remember: it buttons at your feet, not your teeth!

Adding a protector to your pillow is worth the extra step. Plus, turning your pillowcase inside out makes it super easy to slide on.

Sweet dreams!

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