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My Easy Cupcake Bouquet Hack for Spring

cupcake bouquet

This edible cupcake bouquet is a beautiful spring centerpiece and dessert all in one! It’s quick, cute and fun to eat. Make for Mother’s Day, a party or just for fun!

Start by grabbing your cupcakes, toothpicks, tissue paper (preferably green), and a foam ball from the store.

Here’s how I do it: after placing the foam ball in a bowl or circular face, stick two picks in into the foam ball and gently slide each cupcake into place. I added a few mini’s in there, too!

Then, take your tissue paper and cut it into squares. Stick a toothpick through to create a little greenery to fill in those holes.

Look at that! Now you have an edible cupcake bouquet that will be a showstopper at any event.


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