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EASY + FUN No Bake Cupcake Bouquet Hack

no bake dessert hack glorified

If you had to pick one, would you choose cupcakes or flowers? Good news, you don’t have to pick with this hack AND we’re not even turning on the oven! Best of all, this is a dessert the kids can make for YOU! 🥰


🧁🩷 DESSERT HACK + NO BAKE CUPCAKE BOUQUET 🤩 3 in 1: Flowers + Dessert + Centerpiece 🩷🧁

Turn off your oven, head to the store and grab the cupcakes! You’re also going to need some toothpicks, tissue paper and a foam ball (all linked HERE!)


Step 1: place the foam ball in a bowl

Step 2: stick the toothpicks into it and gently slide each cupcake into place (I added a few minis in there too!)

Step 3: take your tissue paper and cut it into squares

Step 4: stick a toothpick through them to create a little greenery to fill in those holes


Click HERE to grab all the items you need to make this SUPER EASY Mother’s Day Dessert 🤗


Do you prefer eating several mini cupcakes or one big one? Comment and LMK! I’m going with one big cupcake because I like the frosting to cake ratio better 😂


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