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The Best Corn Hack to Make Shucking Easier

Corn Hack - LORAfiedWhat’s your favorite summer vegetable? Mine has to be corn! While I love it, I dread shucking it and try to assign that task to my husband Scooter or one of the kids whenever possible! If you’re the same, you’re going to love this corn hack!


Go grab your corn and leave it the way it is. 1 ear – microwave on high 4 mins / 2 ears – microwave on high 8 mins. Then, your corn is done and ready to shuck!

Take a sharp knife and cut off the end. Then, take the bottom and start pushing it out. This corn hack is quick, easy and leaves you with silk free corn that’s ready to eat! I love to top it with butter and my Magic Seasoning. The kids take it a step further and add Parmesan cheese.

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