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Travel Hack: Easy Delayed Flight Trick


When’s the last time your flight was delayed? Mine was last night! The app on my phone was slow to load the progress of when my flight would actually take off – THIS is the QUICK + EASY way ANYONE can TRACK a FLIGHT 😍


The only thing you need for this hack is your flight number. This hack works for ANY airline! For example, my flight number was “DL429.” Not your confirmation or ticket number, just the flight number! Next, you are going to want to text that number to yourself.

Once you receive a text back, hold down on the number and click the option “preview flight.” When you click on this, it will take you to all of the information you need about your flight.

How GENIUS is this?! It is so easy and helpful for tracking your flight. It’s also free!

Are you a bag checker or do you carry on? Comment and LMK! If it’s more than a couple days, I’m usually checking, much to Scooter chagrin 😉


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